Check Out Spooky Fun at the Claremore Library!

October is here! This month’s youngest reader selections are Beneath The Ghost Moon by Jane Yolen and 10 Minutes Till Bedtime by Peggy Rathman. Beneath The Ghost Moon is a sweet story told in rhyme about a group of partying mice and some not-so-nice creepy crawlies. Reading a story in rhyme to a young child is a great way to introduce the pre-reading skill of rhyming while enjoying the beauty of poetry. This is also a story of friendship and bravery. It’s not too scary and just right for young readers.

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10 Minutes Till Bedtime is a fun picture book about a boy getting ready for bed when a whole city of hamsters decides to visit! With only 10 minutes to go, the hamsters manage to have a very good time! This is a delightfully illustrated book with lots to look at on each page. Fun for young readers and their parents, too! Both of these books can be found in the Early Reader Section of the Will Rogers Library.

For older readers, our October recommendation is the Goosebumps series by R. L. Stine. Enjoyed by those who like a scary story, Goosebumps are fun and easy reading. With titles like You Can’t Scare Me! And Most Wanted, these have been enjoyed by several generations of chapter book readers. The Goosebumps series can be found in the Juvenile Fiction section of the Will Rogers Library.

Just a reminder that the Will Rogers Library has several fun activities for kids including story times for babies and preschoolers, Lego Clubs and Family Craft Days. We hope to see you at the library soon!

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