A Fun and Hilarious Game for the Whole Family!

Our family is always looking for fun activities to do when everyone gets together, like at Christmas! Two years ago, we played Pie Face, and last year, we played the game where you wear oven mitts and have to unwrap presents. It was a hoot! I just was clicking around on One Good Thing by Jillee and found The Flour Game. We will definitely be adding that to our to-do list!

You start by packing a shallow bowl or measuring cup full of flour. Then turn it over and flip it onto a plate. Place a piece of candy on top, like a Lifesaver.

Then each person takes turn cutting the flour with a knife. The player who makes the candy fall has to then try to get the candy off the plate…with their mouth. No hands allowed!

*All photographs courtesy One Good Thing by Jillee


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