Claremore Dealership Once Again on the Cutting Edge

Melton Sales has built their brand for more than 70 years based on a few simple principles. It’s a family-owned operation, and you can’t walk through the showroom without running into a Melton. They don’t have the typical “salesmen” who follow you around hounding you and accompanying you on test drives. The last big difference is that Melton’s cars are always unlocked, and the prices are always posted, so you can look around in peace and not have to worry about haggling.

But now, the Meltons are taking it one step further. Since prices are constantly changing, and it’s kind of ineffective to spend hours changing every single price tag every day, each vehicle now has a tag with a QR code. You know, those funky black and white squiggly boxes that look like a Rorschach test. Now you can simply use your iPhone to snap a photo of the tag, and all the info you need to know pops up in your phone. (You can still use an Android, but you’ll just need to download a free QR reader app.)

Next time you’re shopping for a car and you see the squiggly box on the tag, just whip out your phone and you’ll know more than you ever dreamed.

Shop local, Claremore!

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