Get Cash FAST at Liberty Tax in Claremore! Seriously.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

But taxes don’t have to be a bad thing, especially if you go visit the friendly folks at Liberty Tax in Claremore. At Liberty Tax, you’ll find a staff of knowledgeable and helpful people, who are intent on two goals: giving you the best customer service possible, and getting you the most cash back.

Amanda Soltero is the general manager of both the Claremore and Owasso locations, which are owned by Greg Johnson. Amanda’s been in the tax business for 23 years, the past four with Liberty. Originally from Kansas, she spent 16 years working in the industry there, until she moved to the Claremore area with her husband. Amanda’s focus is to create a positive, happy atmosphere and to make the customers feel like family. The front area of the office contains a refreshment station, with a slew of snacks and hot drinks in a variety of flavors. There are even toys for your kiddos to play with while you’re dealing with your favorite tax people.

It’s obvious that Amanda loves what she does, and she’s clearly a numbers person. (I, however, am not.) She explained it like this, “Taxes are like a big jigsaw puzzle. Once you put in all of the pieces, you see the big picture, which is your refund!”

Tax season is upon us, and Liberty Tax has plenty of awesome incentives. For example, the Send-A-Friend program offers $50 cash referrals for each new customer you bring in. So tell everyone you know to go to Liberty, and when they turn in your name and phone number, you’ll get $50. Cash. For every new referral. Pretty sweet gig, right? For every three referrals, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a 40″ LCD TV!

Cash in a Flash is another program offered by Liberty. From now through February 16, everyone who pays to have their taxes done at Liberty will get $50 cash. (You can choose cash, or you can have the $50 taken off of your fee.) If that’s not motivation to get your taxes done now, I don’t know what is!

March is Appreciation Month at Liberty Tax. If you are a first-time client and you’re a teacher, military, first responder, in the medical field, or a city employee, you’ll get your return done for FREE in March. Each year that you return, you’ll just pay half price.

Other promotions will be done for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. To keep up, be sure to follow Liberty Tax on facebook!

Now, the IRS technically opens for tax season on January 29. Due to the new PATH Act, federal refunds will not be issued until February 15. BUT you can still get your taxes done now, so you’ll be at the top of the list when refund checks start being mailed. You can also apply for a Liberty Easy Advance up $3,250. And more good news? Oklahoma state refund checks are being cut now, so why wait until April 17 to file?

Each September, Amanda teaches an eight-week tax preparation course for anyone who is interested. It’s always helpful to have the upper hand when getting all of your paperwork together, and to find out what kind of deductions and incentives you’re eligible to receive.

The friendliness of the Claremore Liberty Tax location may start with the waving Statue of Liberty on the corner, but it definitely doesn’t end there. Everyone I came in contact with was charming and polite, and really excited about helping out. Check out Liberty Tax on facebook to learn more. The office is open Monday – Friday from 9a – 9p, Saturday from 9a – 5p, and Sunday from 1p – 5p. The office is located at 302 S Lynn Riggs Blvd. in Claremore, just south of the Rogers County Courthouse.

Happy taxes!

Keep it local, Claremore!

-by MCM Staffer Ashley,
who really enjoyed the 
S’mores hot chocolate
at Liberty Tax



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