Motivation Monday: 5 Healthy Tips for the Whole Fam

One of my favorite things about being a Coach is the positive influence we get to have on those around us!

Here are 5 ideas to help our families learn healthy habits too:

1️⃣ Exercise in front of them – sometimes actions speak louder than words!

2️⃣ Bring the fam to the grocery store – avoid the inner aisle, and instead expose them to the healthy fruits and veggies you’re buying.

3️⃣ Cook with the whole fam.

4️⃣ Pack healthy lunches and snacks – explain how they are gaining brain power and energy for school or work, and for those extracurricular activities.

5️⃣ Make special occasions healthy – seek out fun, healthy recipes. 😃

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-by Fitness with Carrie

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