Easy Ways to have a Fantastic Summer


If you’re bored this summer, we’ve got a whole list of things to do to keep the summer fun and interesting!

Meditate at least 10 minutes per day.
Get a new, fun haircut or try a different color. (Sun-In doesn’t count. Do they still make that stuff?)
Pamper yourself. Get a massage.
Adopt a shelter pet or volunteer at a shelter.
Smile at a stranger.
Start a running (or walking) program.
Read that book you’ve been meaning to read. The Will Rogers Library has plenty of options!
Call an old friend.
Order a dish at a restaurant that you have never tried before. Even better if it’s a local restaurant!
Pay for someone’s meal out. It’s easy to pay it forward, especially in the drive-thru.
Be grateful for the little things.
Visit a new town and find something fun to do there.
Replace one junk food with a superfood. Mmm, sweet potatoes. And did you know that Chick-fil-A has kale salad as a side?
Visit a local retirement home and hold someone’s hand. The Claremore Veterans Center is another great place to visit.
Plant your favorite vegetable. Perhaps a superfood?
Visit a new town.
Make a new playlist with your favorite songs from back in the day.
Go camping.
Visit a farmers market. Claremore has one each Saturday from 8a – 12p in the Rogers County Courthouse parking lot!
Have a water balloon fight.
Find good deals at a garage sale.
Learn how to use a slow cooker. (Push ON. Haha.)
Make your own popsicles. Pinterest has a TON of recipes; this Blueberries & Cream recipe looks delicious!
Host a game night with family and friends.
Create a reading space/nook in your house or yard.

Eat outside at least twice per week.
Upcycle old clothing, lumber, etc, into a work of art. Again, Pinterest is a great place to start!
Make a mosaic stepping stone for the garden.
Rent a projector and host a movie night in the backyard.
Challenge yourself to make a new recipe each week.
Play frisbee at a park. Or disc golf at Claremore Lake!
Meet friends for coffee or tea at a neighborhood spot like She Brews Coffee House. 
Make homemade healthful ice cream.
Help the kids with a lemonade stand.
Go berry picking. Canyon Berry Farms or Outback Farm can help you out. And then you can make the Blueberries & Cream popsicles!
Challenge yourself to walk or ride, instead of drive. #morenewyork #lessLA
Surprise a friend with a flower and a note.
Hang a hummingbird feeder on the balcony or deck.
Get a mani/pedi.
Hit the flea market for some good finds. The Claremore Expo Center offers a monthly flea market with all kinds of treasures! 
Have a girls’ night out.
Buy a new perfume.
Stop and smell the roses. What better place than in the Rose District?
Go bicycling. Bike About Bicycles offers group rides several times per week! 
Visit a state you’ve never visited.
Make a donation to your favorite charity.
Take an online class.
Join a book club.
Drink more water.
Wear sunscreen.
Take an outdoor yoga class.
Simplify your lifestyle. Declutter.
Give up refined sugar. AFTER you make the blueberry popsicles.
Walk 10k steps a day.
Reduce streaming and TV watching time.
Start a new workout program. The Claremore Rec Center is a great place to start! 
Clean house and give unwanted items to charity.
Take a dance class.
Visit the local library.
Become a grilling diva.
Become a pro at push ups.
Mow the grass with a push mower.
Spend more time in nature. Check out the RSU Nature Reserve. 
Run or bike a charity race. The Hustle & Hit 5k supports Claremore Zebras Quarterback Club! 
Watch one of your favorite artists perform live.
Spend a night out looking at the stars.
Plant a tree.
Paint an old piece of furniture and make it new again.
Get informed about a social issue.
Create and organize a photo album.
Do a favor for a neighbor.
Join a local organization or group in your neighborhood.
Take up a new craft, like pottery or painting. Check out Studio B Artworks! 
Remember those you love, and make them a priority.

Full list at SkinnyMs.com. 

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