Motivation Monday: Exercises to Help You Rock Your Summer Clothes

🌞👙6 Exercises to Help You Rock Your Summer Clothes👙🌞

“For the fitness enthusiast, summer is the season of reckoning. You put away your body-obscuring sweaters, pants, and long-sleeved tops, and pull out the tank-tops, skirts and crop-tops. You prepare to show the world how disciplined you’ve been all year.

But even if you’ve missed a few more workouts than you care to remember, there’s still time to tighten up, build some muscle, and scorch off a few calories before the season of sunshine and exposed flesh gets fully under way.
Check out these six moves that may help sculpt areas that get highlighted by body-revealing summer clothes: your shoulders, abs, upper legs, and glutes.”

1. Squat to Single Leg Squat
2. Renegade Row Push-Up
3. Single Leg V-Up to Twist
4. Thruster to Over Head Press
5. Single Leg Glute Bridge
6. Hammer Curl to Kick Back

To see the moves, click HERE! 

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