Happy Birthday, moreClaremore!


We are celebrating five years of moreClaremore.com!

A simple concept sparked a citywide surge.

Let’s focus on the positive. The ‘haves,’ not the ‘have-nots.’ Start shifting the mindset of our friends, families and neighbors to encourage growth and change for the greater good of our community.

Some people think we are the Chamber of Commerce; we are not. Others believe we are a PR firm for the City of Claremore; we are not. Still others don’t know exactly what we are, but everyone should know that we do our best to keep citizens of our great town in the know about positive change, events, activities, and opportunities for community outreach and improvement.

moreClaremore.com is a hub of sorts, a place where you can read about the history and the future of our town. We want to bring together all generations for a fresh perspective on what it means to be proud of your hometown.

Local businesses, amenities, and industry are the true power in a community our size. Claremore features a four-year university in Rogers State, a tech school in Northeast Tech, a beautiful lake, manufacturing, increased walkability, an historic downtown and many other aspects that make our city unique.

Our mission is helping make the positive voice, the prominent voice. Taking the “what a great idea” statement and turning it into action. Helping facilitate those meetings that continue to improve our way of life. This is my hometown. Claremore makes me proud more often than not, and at the risk of sounding braggadocios, moreClaremore.com has been that spark that continues to burn and will be the fuel for many future endeavors.

We want to say a huge “Thank you!” to all of our advertisers who have made this possible. Building each other up, healthy competition, and increased visibility only serve to help us all. Ultimately, our product is Claremore and we want to sell it to the world!

Thank you again for helping us drive this train! (Train joke, nailed it.)

– Travis Peck

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