Roger’s Reflections on Claremore

Photo credit: Matt Wood

What would keep Claremore, Oklahoma, from being the undisputed #1 community in America, where peace of mind, health, and prosperity are unquestionably the best to be found anywhere? I can already see THAT Claremore. For me, there are no limitations. If I shoot for the stars, it’s been said, I won’t end up with a hand full of mud.

Claremore is a vibrant, active city, which has come to a time of decision. There has been a call for improvements to Claremore moving toward the future. That’s where we are now. I want to elevate the vision of the future of this city to imagine a city of unsurpassed greatness. We don’t need permission to be great. And we have no limitations but our own lack of efforts. We have no obstacles that can’t be seen as anything but minor inconveniences. We can aim at doing what others deem impossible. There’s nothing impossible about it.

Where does your heart tell you we need to be? If we believe in each other, we can accomplish our dreams. Each of us has this one life to live. Let’s ride it till the wheels fall off. We have the power to create the best of all communities. We need only to awaken the greatness that lies in our citizens of Claremore.

-by Roger Steed

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