Fit Tip: Journaling is the Key to Happiness

🔸This 2 Minute Journaling Exercise is Scientifically Proven to Boost Happiness🔸

“Lately, my life has felt like it’s whizzing past me. Every time I blink, another week goes by, and I’m often left wondering, what have I even been doing with my time? How is it almost my birthday—again?! The fact that I can’t slow things has been a bit of a buzzkill that’s left me feeling more morose than I’d like to admit. So, I was pretty intrigued when I came across this insanely simple daily journaling exercise that would take about two minutes to complete and basically guaranteed I’d end up with a smile on my face.

All you need to do: Every night, write down three funny things that happened during your day. That’s all. The really cool part, though, is that this has been scientifically proven to boost happiness. In one study, researchers found that when people did this every day for a week, it enhanced happiness for up to three months and reduced depressive symptoms for up to six months after the intervention week.

This, at least, sounded like something I could sustain. So I gave it a whirl. My immediate reaction? From day one, I was much more present. Normally, I have tunnel vision, focusing on my lengthy to-do list or worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet. But from the start, I was on high alert for all the funny stuff that might be coming my way—even if it didn’t. My next reaction? While my life may not be hilarious, there’s often humor to be found in the small moments.”

Article by Stephanie Eckelkamp – To read more, click HERE! 

-from Fitness with Carrie

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