Learn Computer Skills at Home, for Free!

A new tool from Rogers County Literacy Council. Learn from home, build digital skills and confidence.

  • How are your computer skills? Would you like to self-test at home – and then have the option to fill in any knowledge gaps?
  • Can you use a phone, but sometimes feel uncomfortable with software on a computer or tablet?
  • Digital literacy is an essential skill for life and for work. Do you feel that you need a way to learn more?
  • In the digital age, you do not want to be left behind. Do you fear technology that is new to you? Or worry that your skill set needs improvement? You can rid yourself of that fear.
  • Would you like to have certificates to present to potential employers?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, RCLC Digital is for you!

RCLC Digital, is a program supplied by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences. It provides FREE access to a high quality, user friendly learning tool.

You will find a free set of assessments and self-guided lessons in:

  • Essential Computer Skills (Basic Computer Skills, Internet Basics, Using Email, Windows, Mac OS)
  • Essential Software Skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Using Technology in Daily Life (Social Media, Information Literacy, and Creative Job Search).
  • Closed-captioning is available and screen readers are supported.

For access to NORTHSTAR text or call Edel Godwin at

918-851-0793, or email director@rocoread.org

Rogers County Literacy Council presents RCLC Digital to you!

This project is funded by IMLS with the help of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.








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