Cool Off at the Claremore MOH!

-submitted by the Claremore Museum of History
It’s going to be so hot this week… worries, our AC is on at the Claremore Museum of History and we would love for you to stop by for a visit. We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10AM to 4PM. If you have your grandkids in town, it’s a great activity.   Spend some time on our new playground and then come inside the museum for some cool air, popcorn and bottled water. We have a new Patti Page exhibit, newly remodeled restrooms that showcase Claremore’s historic theaters and so much more to offer. Come see us!! 

Have you ever seen this picture?

If you haven’t, don’t feel alone.   The MoH recently acquired many of Lynn Riggs’ personal effects, including his old personal photographs. This is a picture of him at his home in Santa Fe posing in front of several paintings that his partner, Ramon Naya painted and that they displayed in their home. In August, the MoH will be opening our latest exhibit, the Lynn Riggs Gallery. We will be displaying these photographs along with the original paintings in our new space. We also have Lynn’s studio piano, many personal effects and his entire library that we will be displaying as well. The MoH feels very proud to open this new exhibit and fortunate to have acquired these items from the family. Mark your calendars for August 27, and follow our FB and website for more details.

If you missed our Patti Page event under the tent, it’s not too late to stop buy and take in the new exhibit. We had such a lovely evening with great food, great music and many new friends in attendance. Thanks to the Oklahoma Historical Society for the renewal of items we have historically had on loan, as well as to Patti’s nephew, Timothy Akers, who worked with the museum to provide so many wonderful new artifacts for display Patti was a trailblazer in so many areas, and we are proud to call her one of our own.

Cups Up! was an unbelievable turnout in Gazebo Park at the MoH this weekend. We lost track of how many visitors we had, but over 150 people stopped by to take in some of the beer tastings, have some pizza and popcorn and experience a little of the MoH exhibits while they were tasting. For many people, it was their first time to the museum and they were inspired by the history that we have captured.  We love to host events like this for our community. If you are ever in need of a venue, consider the MoH and give us a call.   

To every person who attended our one-year anniversary of the Building Heritage, History and Hope Exhibit, I think we all left as a changed people. The picture to the right is William Snoddy – NCAA champion and Olympic qualifier along with his mother – Mary Snoddy, Claremore High School’s first of three Black graduates after integration and William’s OU coach’s wife who followed him to every tournament. We were humbled by William’s donation of his NCAA medals for all future Claremore students to be awed and inspired by.

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