Free Couch to 5k Program – RoCo Fit Begins Again March 26th

RoCo Fit Advisory League announces the start of the county’s free and fun RoCo Fit
“Couch to 5k” Program begins March 26th. RoCo Fit volunteer mentors encourage
participants to reach all types of goals, from finishing a 5k (3.1 miles) to reducing
depression and stress. Whatever your goal – physical or emotional, walking or running
with this group will help you accomplish it.

With the guidance of experienced mentors using a structured progressive schedule,
participants will have fun and finish a Mock 5k race. Included is education on form,
injury prevention, and safety during short free clinics before workouts. In addition,
participants will receive information and motivational posts on the program’s RoCo Fit
Facebook page. Program incentives will be given to all who finish the program

RoCo Fit has offered this free program to the community since 2012 with over 3,000
unduplicated participants having registered and reaped the benefits. Many past
participants have shared their experiences through written testimonial. Here are a few:

“I want to give you all a great big thank you for all your support during on my
return to ROCO. AS you know I missed 2 sessions because of heart surgery and
limited exercise.  I’m back now, and it’s still a ‘work in progress’. I am not where I
want to be physically, but with your help and encouragement, I’m getting there. It
makes it a lot easier with your positive attitude and true desire to help.  Thank
You for all your help and support.” 

“Before I started RoCo, I found it hard to workout on a consistent basis, it was too hot,
too cold, boring, my knees always hurt, no time…Since joining RoCo, I have more
energy, I have someone to walk with, my knees no longer hurt, and I’ve lost 20 lbs.!!!
This is a wonderful program, and I am so thankful for the support and encouragement.
Thank you.”

“RoCo Fit has been so great!!!! There are nights that I didn’t want to go (wanted to be
lazy instead), but left feeling so proud and in such a better mood after making myself go!
It has been so wonderful making new friends and receiving so much encouragement
from not only the mentors but other fellow runners. Everyone is so friendly!! I never
thought that I would be one of those runners that you drive by and see running on a
Saturday morning, but I am one now and I love it!!! It’s a great feeling completing this
fitness program. I tried something similar last year and due to injury wasn’t able to
complete.  This has been a huge accomplishment for me, and I have RoCo Fit to thank
for helping me along the way!!! 

“RoCo Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why would you want to do anything else!  The people, the
program and everything associated with this great activity are the best thing I have ever
participated in and want to continue to do so.”

“Thank you to all the mentors and leaders of RoCo Fit. This program is wonderful! My
husband and I have done this together the last two sessions and what a great thing for
us. He has lost almost 20 pounds, and I recently had a complete physical and numbers
that were better than ever! I would encourage couples to try this together! It’s awesome!”

The first walk OR walk/run workout is on Tuesday, March 26th, 6:00 p.m. at Claremore
Lake Park, shelter past bathrooms and across lake from boat and fishing dock-look for
sign by shelter. Workouts for all fitness levels continue every Tuesday and Thursday at
6:00 p.m. in Claremore Lake Park. RoCo Fit is open and free of charge to anyone 13
years old or older that live, work, play, and/or learn in Rogers County. To learn more
about this health focused fun group and/or to register visit us online at
You may also register in person at the first few workouts. If you have questions, please
contact Larry Rahmeier at

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