RSU Psychology & Sociology Students, Faculty Attend SWPA Conference

Four students and five faculty members from RSU’s Department of Psychology and Sociology
recently attended the 2024 Southwestern Psychological Association’s annual conference.

Held March 28-30 in San Antonio Texas, the conference is an annual gathering of psychology
and sociology students and professionals held to promote and strengthen psychology’s specific, professional, and educational facets.

At this meeting, SWPA provided paper, poster, continuing education sessions, workshops,
symposia, and addresses from keynote speakers such as Dr. Nicole Weiss, Dept. of Psychology
– University of Rhode Island and STRESS Lab director; Dr. Samuel Y. Kim, Department of
Psychology and Philosophy – Texas Woman’s University – coordinator of the School
Psychology Ph.D. Program; Dr. Millie Cordaro, Department of Psychology – Texas State
University; and others.

Held in tandem with the SWPA convention was the Southwest Teachers of Psychology (SWToP) Annual Conference, which provides opportunities for those in education and social science to network with other professionals in their fields, learn about new methods and methodologies,
share research findings, and participate in conference leadership.

RSU faculty members making presentations at the SWToP conference included Christi Mackey,
assistant professor of psychology and sociology, and Dr. Lori O’Malley, associate professor of
psychology and sociology, whose presentation focused on innovative approaches to teaching
gender and sexuality in the college classroom. Dr. Sara K. Moon-Seo, assistant professor of
psychology and sociology, and Dr. Junmo Sung, associate professor of business, presented a
talk entitled “The Interrelationship among Sports Play Experiences, Mindfulness and College
Students’ Wellbeing.” Additionally, Dr. Donna Sharp, assistant professor of psychology and
sociology, displayed a research poster which shared her experiences teaching at a private tribal
college and public university.

RSU students in attendance included Zion Solomon from Broken Arrow, Lindsay O’Neill from
Claremore, Bailie Binder from Locust Grove, and Micaiah Stowe from Skiatook.

RSU Professor Dr. Sonya Munsell, associate professor of psychology and sociology, along with
Stowe, Binder and O’Niell, made a poster presentation featuring results of an extensive
literature review on binge eating among college students.

Solomon’s presentation – “Here to Learn or Just Earn: A Quantitative Study of College Student
Motivation and Achievement” – examined the relationship between numerous types of
motivation and student success. Her manuscript on this topic is currently under review for
publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Solomon, O’Neill and Stowe are psychology majors, and Binder is majoring in community

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