How Zip Became Zip

zipWell, here’s the story.

In December of 2003, our daughter Arlie was born. We were a happy family of three. She is named after a friend’s grandfather, if you’re wondering about her name.

When Arlie was almost 3 we learned we would be parents again.

We decided we would go with the “A-Z and we’re out” theme.

Z names. Not too many to pick from.
Zander (a finalist and now ZanderQ doesn’t sound quite right)

Jacob and I have different recollections of the way it actually went down, but I’m writing this, so you’ll get my version.

We were sitting in the living room tossing around Z names. Someone, I’ll call him Jacob, said Zip.
Wow, we thought! What a name that would be.

We knew if we had a boy, we would use Elliott as the middle name. A Gordon tradition we are proud to carry on. But that would make his name Zip E. Gordon.

A few months of thinking on it and Zip E. he came to be.

Talk about surprising the in-laws! I remember my mother-in-law saying, “Well, I guess if he runs for president he can go by Z. Elliott.”

My mom tells the story of looking at Zip minutes after he was born through the nursery glass at the hospital. My father-in-law walked up behind her and asked, “What are they really going to name him?”

We decided that with a name like Zip, he could be anything he wanted to be. A master chess player, a race car driver, a star football player.

Who knows what he will grow up to be, but he is definitely Zip Elliott Gordon. It’s funny how a name is so much of a person. I can’t imagine him being anything besides Zip. It makes me smile every time I say it.

So there is the story of how Zip got his name. It is a strong name, and he is one tough little guy.

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