Communicate Community: A Helping Hand

literacyA few months ago, moreClaremore wrote a story on the lovely Edel Godwin, executive director of the Rogers County Literacy Council. She cautiously mentioned a project that was in the works, depending on funding. Well, thanks to the Oklahoma Literacy Coalition, and the Tinker Federal Credit Union Grant Program, the funding came through, and Communicate Community  has officially begun.

community communicateCommunicate Community  is a program designed for ESL (English as a Second Language) students, but it’s much more than just learning from a textbook. It’s a topic-driven class, with a beginning and an end, much like a typical school course. Each topic will be one that will assist ESL students in learning about American culture. For example, the first course, which just began on January 28, will help students learn how to navigate the public school system. Parents will learn how to approach parent-teacher conferences, how to discuss homework expectations, and how to understand what is expected of their child in the classroom. Specific vocabulary will be taught, with a heavy emphasis on speaking and articulation.

Claremont Elementary has stepped up as a partner, helping recruit parents to participate and providing a classroom space for the group, which will meet two mornings per week in 90-minute sessions. The course will last for 20 sessions, approximately 10 weeks.

Stacy Lucas is the instructor for Communicate Community. She has planned the entire curriculum and will lead the students along with two volunteers, Gus Ramirez and Kate Godwin.

community communicateThis program has been made possible by the Oklahoma Literacy Coalition, Tinker Federal Credit Union, Rogers County Literacy Council, and Claremont Elementary. A special ‘thank you’ goes to principal Brian Young and assistant Bonnie Bear, and Rachael Foster, district interpreter,  for all of their help with the effort.

More courses are on track for the future. For more information, please contact Edel Godwin at the Rogers County Literacy Council – 918-277-4331. The RCLC Literacy office is located at the Will Rogers Library in Claremore. Hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30a-4.30p. RCLC is a United Way Agency.

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