Deep Thoughts, by Willie Tell Moore

cabooseOur community is great. I’ve lived in a few other places and recognize what a gem we have. However, with that said, here are some thoughts on what can make Claremore better.

Change our name from Claremore to Claremost! Why settle for more when you can have most?

Demand that the Caboose be put back on every train that comes through Claremost. Remember how much fun it was as a kid to count all the train cars, then wave to the nice man riding in the caboose? After waiting on the train as it meanders through our fine city without regard to the inconvenience to all of our great city, I would once again appreciate the opportunity to wave to someone at the end of that train. Wouldn’t you?

Designate ourselves as the museum capitol of Route 66. I believe that if we added a train museum, we may just be able to claim that title.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClose Blue Starr Drive on the weekends, build a chair lift up Talbert Hill, and open it up to year round sledding/toboggan rides.

Put a beach in at Claremost Lake, and allow people to swim. One rule on this though, no tight speedo swimsuits allowed for men. Let’s just all agree that if we want to see that, we will watch the Olympics once every four years.

Let’s create our own reality show to draw tourists to Claremost. Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo are huge, and I’m not sure why. So let’s do a reality show on the movement of dirt behind Lowe’s. It could work!


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  1. Novel ideas! Here is another. Why not put drinking fountains and real restrooms in all the parks. Then our kids might actually be able to spend some time playing there. Visitors from other cities have had those luxuries since the 19th century, so it would be right in keeping with downtown’s Victorian Era theme.

  2. Please, please, please consider a train museum – for what ever reasons. My reasoning is that the citizens would have greater tolerance, even respect for the railroads if we promoted “trains” as in a museum! !

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