Monday Motivation: Ditch the D*@n Scale!


Wanna know how I feel about the d*@n scale?!

Fluctuation is normal. Don’t let the scale dictate how you feel. It only tells a small part of the story.

I’ve had about a 10lb fluctuation since Coaching, and I know it all depends on which type of program I’m doing, what time of the day or month it is, and how the stars happen to be aligning (HA).

Do yourself a favor and avoid weighing very often. Maybe limit to once a month and be sure it is the same time of day. Most importantly, do the activities that matter… Like getting exercise, making healthy food choices, drinking extra H20, and USE THAT to determine how you feel about yourself or your body for the day.  #TakeSatisfactionInTheAction

If you have trouble limiting the weigh-ins, then ditch the d*@n scale, or be sure to give it a good bashing!!!

-by Fitness with Carrie

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