Back Pain? ‘Rezoom’ Your Normal Life with this Claremore Invention


Approximately 90% of Americans suffer from lower back pain at some point in their life.

This number should not be astonishing. Think back through the years and consider your own experience. It’s highly likely you are not immune to tweaking your back. Most low back pain may fade after a few days, but repeated bouts of this annoying issue have been shown to lead to more chronic issues. Some of those folks are like my husband: he has chronic lower back pain, but doesn’t think a chiropractor could help, and isn’t really informed on the virtues of physical therapy. I imagine a lot of people think like us, that physical therapy is something recommended by a doctor, and it’s for torn ACLs and after rotator cuff repairs. Well, now there’s a solution and it may have just shown up just in time! 

I met Jeremy Green at the beginning of the school year, because our boys are in the same class. He recently told me about his new product and we decided to spread the word about it, because it’s pretty cool. Jeremy is originally from New Zealand, and that made me realize that his dad used to be my doctor years and years ago. (I managed to piece that together on my own; it turns out there aren’t a whole slew of people in Claremore named “Green” from New Zealand. Go figure.)

Back in 2006, Jeremy was a physical therapy student at the University of Oklahoma. When his professor posed the question, “How can we improve PT?” Jeremy’s wheels started turning. From his experience, physical therapists were really good at diagnosing pain, and coming up with a plan, but the home treatments given to them by the therapist were no more sophisticated than a piece of paper with confusing pictures of exercises on them. If you’re as clueless at interpreting as I am, those home exercise sheets aren’t that helpful. So he came up with “Real Time Rehab”, and decided to create videos of the popular exercises. It was a hit with the physical therapy scene. A therapist could choose from a database of exercises and tailor the program to each patient, who would then receive a daily email with a list of the day’s exercises. 

rezoomThen one day, a PT dealing with the same dilemma asked Jeremy if it would be possible to create a program that would allow people to rehabilitate themselves, without racking up endless office visits, co-pays and missed hours at work at a therapist’s clinic. For many, minor problems that land you in a clinic could be more easily and effectively treated at home. Back at the drawing board, Jeremy met with his team of physical therapists and developers and came up with a solution. Alas, Rezoom was born. 

Say you have lower back pain, and you don’t want to go to the doctor. You know, because you’re tough. You do what everyone does these days, and turn to Google. You search for back pain and pop up the Rezoom website. It starts with a simple series of questions, asking you to rate your pain, what kind of pain, things like that. Then there are some videos that you mimic in an attempt to recreate your symptoms. (It’s a mobile-friendly platform, so you can do it anywhere!) After you complete the FREE assessment, the site gives you an immediate diagnosis. Then you sign up for a small monthly fee (cheaper than a single office co-pay!) and receive a daily email with effective and efficient video based exercises to do, so you don’t have to rely on a piece of paper with confusing exercises on them. It’s a simple way to skip the doctor’s office and work out the issue on your own in the privacy of your own home. You could do the exercises in your underwear if you wanted! (And although it’s mobile friendly, we wouldn’t recommend doing it in your undies in public.) 

As of now, Rezoom can help with treating back and knee pain (which are the most common issues). If you’re hurting and are tired of toughing it out, give Rezoom a look. 

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