Claremore’s ZipperQ: Making Our Thing Sustainable

It’s hard to believe we have been in the FOP community for six years. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva flew into our lives out of nowhere. The condition turns muscles, joints and connective tissue to bone and picked our boy, Zip, to be one of only about 800 cases world wide. You can read his diagnosis story here.

There is no known cure or an ‘effective treatment’, as we’ve now learned to say for FOP. Funding for research and family services is critical to the International FOP Association. Our friends and family dove in and ZipperQ was born.

ZipperQ is a family-friendly BBQ throw down. Over 20 teams compete in 4 different categories and save plenty to feed to the crowd. The event is FREE to attend. Taster kits can be purchased for $10 at the event and you can taste as many samples as your belly can hold! A $10 bottomless beer cup and FREE pop and water are available to wash the BBQ down.

ZipperQ 6 will be held on Saturday, October 7th from 3p – 7p (tasting kits go on sale at 4p). The event will be held at the West Bend Green in Claremore.

The longterm goal of ZipperQ has been to raise money for the IFOPA through a BBQ competition and music festival. We have opened up our BBQ entries to as many as 30 teams and are adding more musicians. Eric James, The Belonging, and Bryce Dicus and the Mercenaries will be playing.

Free inflatables, kids games, and face painting will be on hand.

We are proud to partner with Pixley Lumber and the Claremore Collective to host the first ever Cornhole Tournament. Contestant entries can be done here.

There will be a donation stand at the event where all funds will go to the IFOPA to help other FOP patients and families travel to attend Family Gatherings and see the world’s leading specialist.

ZipperQ t shirts are back by demand and will be available at the event for $15.

In the previous five years, our community has donated more than $800,000 to the IFOPA. I’m truly in awe of the support from our family, friends, and community.

During the past events, we have had both silent and live auction events, as well as a drawing for a vehicle. It was wonderful and we are grateful for the support of those events.

Mama always says “Don’t wear out your welcome.”

With that being said, we are making the ZipperQ event more sustainable and have removed the auction and vehicle portions. The support our volunteers and community put into those events is heart warming. Sometimes things just need to change to make the workload sustainable.

We want ZipperQ to be a long standing community event, not only to raise money for the IFOPA but an event for our family and the Claremore community to enjoy.

Once again, our family thanks you for your support of the ZipperQ event and we look forward to seeing you October 7th.

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