Motivation Monday: Break Up with Bad Eating Habits

Break Up With Your Bad Eating Habits

Ready to shake a bad habit or two? The first step is to recognize what’s keeping you off track. Eating habits, particularly those that we picked up early in life, can be really hard to break. Becoming aware of habits and understanding their roots are the first steps to breaking them.

Try this three-step plan:
1️⃣ Be willing to admit to yourself what your habits are and don’t judge yourself negatively for them.
2️⃣ Declare your intention to change that habit: To make it official, share your intention with a friend or family member or write a contract to yourself.
3️⃣ Find a way to hold yourself accountable for following through with your intentions, such as a mobile or written food diary. Rather than just tracking what you eat and when, note how you feel when you eat, and how hungry you feel before and after eating.

Whatever goal you make, follow the SMART method: The goal should be sustainable, measurable, attainable, realistic, and have a set time frame.

Breaking bad habits takes time and diligence. Be patient and remember that healthy, sustainable weight loss requires balanced meals and exercise — not the latest quick-fix diet.

Once you make the transition to eating healthy, you’ll be on the road to improving your overall health, your relationship with food, and creating a healthy body image.

Source: Beachbody Blog

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-Fitness with Carrie

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