Melton Sales Recognized on National Stage

As you know (probably), Melton Sales opened in 1946 as an International Harvester store. Owner George Melton did a lot of trading business with Manheim Auctions.

Later, his son, Rob Melton, would travel to the Pennsylvania-based auction company in to purchase Chrysler Executive vehicles and rentals.

Recently, John Dyer, CEO of Cox Enterprises, (which includes companies like Auto Trader, Cox Communications, Kelley Blue Book, and Manheim Auctions) gave his annual address to their subsidiaries. During the presentation, Melton Sales was recognized for 75 years of doing business together, specifically with Manheim Auctions. In November, Manheim representatives came to Claremore to present an award and cake to Rob and the Melton family.

Now people across the country know how neat the Melton family is. Congrats, Meltons!


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