Congratulations, Will Rogers Junior High!

Will Rogers Junior High was just presented with their GE MODEL SCHOOL status!!!
This prestigious award gives creditability to quality teachers, quality instruction, quality classroom management and more. It is a long rigorous process designed to raise expectations across the board.
Great Expectations (GE) Methodology is grounded in six basic tenets- All Children Can Learn, Building Self Esteem, Climate of Mutual Respect, High Expectations, Teacher Attitude and Responsibility, and Teacher Knowledge and Skill. The staff attends training sessions where they are immersed in the research-based 17 Classroom Practices to be an effective teacher. Each of the 17 practices is examined through the lens of developing a Culture of Respect and promoting Academic Excellence. Classroom management is anchored in the GE 8 Expectations. The 36 Life Principles promote students of character. GE Methodology provides a blueprint to be an exemplary educator. With full implementation of Great Expectations Methodology, academic performance and attendance go up and discipline referrals go down.
Congratulations, WRJH staff and administrators, for your dedication to your students, community, yourself, and the professionalism of teaching.

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