Host of Okie Bookcast to Visit the Friends of Will Rogers Library Meeting

The Friends of Will Rogers Library has invited popular Oklahoma city author, educator, podcaster, J Hall to speak at our September 18th meeting at 6PM.

J recently released his first book – God Help Me! I’m a Young Dad: 10 Essentials for Becoming the Dad Your Kids Need. Part inspiration, part education, part application, the book highlights ten important characteristics every dad needs and provides practical tips for developing these both in their lives and the lives of their children. He’s currently working on the next book in the God Help Me! series (for college students) and messing around with a novel.

After more than 15 years in professional ministry, J has spent the second half of his career in higher education, currently serving as Dean of Social Sciences at Oklahoma City Community College and teaching sociology.

Since 2021, J has hosted and produced the Okie Bookcast, a podcast dedicated to connecting curious readers with their next great read through interviewing authors and storytellers connected to Oklahoma. He also co-hosts a monthly book chat show through the Bookcast with his daughter, author and screenwriter Hannah Herron. J is a regular guest on a number of podcasts, talking about everything from books to pop culture to fatherhood and more.

About the Okie Bookcast
The Okie Bookcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to connecting readers with their next great read by amplifying Oklahoma authors and storytellers. Each episode includes an interview with a contributor to the reading life of Oklahoma – it might be author, publisher, librarian, reader, bookseller, or other figure. In addition to the interview, each episode includes a review from an Oklahoma author about a book they love.
Beyond interviews, the Bookcast also features book chat and recommendations with Your Next Great Read and Oklahoma poetry with Behind the Rain: An Audio Anthology of Oklahoma Poetry. The Okie Bookcast

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