Travis in Training – Transformed(ish)

before and after pic 1
(If you are offended by a topless man, please turn back now.)
Day 1 – Height 6’ 1” – Weight: 278
6 Weeks Later – Height 6’1” – Weight: 264
14lbs down! It might not sound like much but for me it is just a stepping stone to better living through exercise and cleaner eating. (I heard that somewhere. Oh yeah Facebook, every single freaking day.)
SERIOUS SIDEBAR: To my real athlete, crossfit, personal trainer and physical therapist friends. If you are reading this I hope you don’t take offense to anything. I love seeing stories of success and the way that people really dedicate themselves to improving. They are inspirational and keep giving me hope. Keep up the great work!
I have increased my exercise level tremendously and made it through a few weeks of eating better.  (Last night I had soda and Chinese take-out. Just being honest and keeping it real.)  This Saturday is the Warrior Dash and I feel less than prepared. I can play full court basketball for 2 hours but not sure about this 3.1 mile run. Looking forward to having fun and not setting any world records, completing the course is the goal. MUD and GUTS!
before and after pic 2It has been fun stepping up the fitness level and I have lost a few inches here and there. I feel stronger and more fit, but you might be thinking, ‘wow these pictures look almost the same’. Yeah, well maybe this next 20 will really show up on film. (I promise they were taken 6 weeks apart and I am not sucking in my gut, too much.)
Thanks for following me this far. I will write another update here in a month or so and let you know my progress or regress.
I haven’t hit the 20 pound goal just yet, but it is coming soon.
Thanks again for the kind words and those of you that helped the #DontFeedTheTrav efforts.
Have a great day!

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