New Truck Added to Claremore Fire Fleet

Claremore Fire Department has a new truck!

The truck was built by Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, Wis., and then sent to Conrad Fire Equipment in Olathe, Kan. Several members of Claremore Fire made the trip to Kansas a few times to make sure the truck met all of the necessary requirements. Passing inspection, the truck was delivered to the Claremore Fire Administration building on Monday, January 23. She’s a beauty!

Claremore currently has four trucks in rotation, and this brings the fleet to five. The new truck will take its place while others are serviced. Then the 1997 truck will be disposed of, by either being sold or donated to another department.

Deputy Chief Matt Wilson, Claremore Fleet & Warehouse Manager Kevin Bledsoe, Acting Battalion Chief John Bacon, Lt. Chris Hayes, Firefighter Zac Millikin, Captain Darrell Wilson, City Manager Jim Thomas, and Fire Chief Sean Douglas

Travis Peck (moreClaremore), Fire Chief Sean Douglas, and Ashley Orf (moreClaremore)

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