Attention, Claremont Elementary Parents!


Claremont families,

This Wednesday, Jan. 28, Claremont will reconfigure the building entry and exit for construction. The main entrance will move to the NW circle drive off Choctaw and 8th Street. This will become the visitor parking and student drop-off in the mornings. Car rider pick-up in the afternoons will move to the SE circle drive for all students except preK-kindergarten and their siblings; this group will return to their original pick-up location in the NW circle drive.


1. The current main entry will be flipped to the NW circle drive. This lot will be available for guest parking and building entry.
2. Morning student drop-off will take place in the NW circle, which is the new main entry.
3. Afternoon dismissal will take place as follows:

1st-5th grades- SE circle drive
* Remember, this is a 1-way street. Enter from 7th street as cars are currently doing.
PreK-Kindergarten and siblings- Return to the original pick-up location entering the NW circle drive from Choctaw.

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