Welding and Diesel Building at Northeast Tech Renamed for Former Superintendent

Fred Probis left his mark on Northeast Tech in many ways while he was superintendent. He was a great mentor and an even better friend. For a decade, Probis provided sound leadership to the district, prioritizing facility improvements and career training for high school students. He even stepped into the classroom as a substitute teacher when needed. On March 14, 2022, at the Northeast Tech Board Meeting, Probis also left a permanent visual mark on Northeast Tech as the Welding and Diesel building at the Pryor Campus was renamed and dedicated as the Fred Probis Building.  

“It was with great honor that I was able to recommend naming this building after Fred Probis,” said Superintendent Roger Crutchfield. “I appreciate all he did while he was at Northeast Tech, and the ways he has served our district since.” 

The facility, first opened in 2013, was constructed during Probis’ time in office, providing a major improvement in the shop and classroom space, safety measures and equipment on which the students were learning. Rosalie Griffith, Northeast Tech Board of Education president, said Probis had a vision for the Welding program and because of his leadership the Pryor Campus has a state-of-the-art Welding program.

“It truly is an honor to know someone thought enough of me and what I had tried to do to name a building for me,” Probis said. “But it’s really not about me. Buildings are just bricks and steel, and lumber and nails. People come here because they want a better life. They want to be more successful.”

Probis served as the Northeast Tech superintendent from 2009 to 2019. He said the real meaning of this building is what the instructors do inside the walls. 

“[This building] allows this school to help more people,” Probis said, “and that’s what we’re here for.”

Since retirement, Probis has continued to serve on the Northeast Tech Foundation Board.

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