How to Quit Smoking. For Real.


The Great American Smoke Out is on Thursday, November 17. It’s a great day to say, “Hey, I’m not going to be nicotine slave anymore.” Why wait until January 1?

Palm Beach Vapors has created an Herbal Nicotine Replacement juice. When one uses a vaporizer to quit, they’re still using nicotine. This new product replaces the cravings and still gives the flavors WITHOUT THE NICOTINE. Pretty revolutionary, folks. Here’s the scientific explanation:

What is HNR? HNR is an FDA registered, NFS certified, GMP and Organic Certified product that is all natural and replaces the nicotine base in vape juices.

How does HNR work? For those who enjoy vaping, HNR delivers a natural herb replacement for nicotine. HNR satisfies nicotine cravings via the endocannabinoid system (ECS) without nicotine’s health risks.
To learn more about HNR, please visit this site:

You can get your HNR juice in several flavors, including Blondie, Creme Leaf, Mint Tac, Water Berry, and RAW. Grab a bottle at Palm Beach Vapors in Claremore, Owasso, or Broken Arrow and start the journey to a smoke-free life!

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