Studio 99 in Downtown Claremore: Why You Should Try a Barre Class

🌟 Barre fun facts 🌟
1️⃣ Barre makes you stronger and improves flexibility.
2️⃣ It’s a full body workout.
3️⃣ You’ll gain better posture and possibly help with back frustrations.
4️⃣ With regular barre workouts, it can increase bone density.
5️⃣ Low impact with rapid results!
6️⃣It is great for clearing and refocusing your mind.
7️⃣ We use no heavy equipment, just light resistance or your own body’s resistance.
8️⃣ Your muscles will feel they’ve been worked, but your joints won’t!
9️⃣ Your body will ALWAYS be capable of Barre. You won’t outgrow it!
🔟 Barre is great for beginners and long time participants!! 🙌🏻.

Snag your spot today through the MINDBODY app! Your first class is free! 

Studio 99 is located in historic downtown Claremore above The District on Main at 406 W. Will Rogers Blvd. Click HERE for a full schedule of classes, including barre, yoga, and pound. 

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