Ask the CBD Guy: Can CBD help with Autism?

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Q: Can CBD help with Autism?

There are no clinical studies on cannabis and autism, but there is a growing body of positive anecdotal evidence from doctors and parents. Lack of scientific data keeps doctors from endorsing cannabis in treating autism, but some promising research exists. The many active compounds in cannabis may make proper dosing for children difficult to pinpoint, creating controversy in the medical community over its use.

CBD for autism has a wide range of success stories from parents and caregivers. One of the more high-profile cases comes from Kalel Santiago in Puerto Rico, who was non-verbal until the age of 9. After taking CBD for several days, he began to speak and drastically improved in other areas. Dr. Giovanni Martinez, was the physician who initiated the CBD treatment and saw its result firsthand. Other autistic individuals with conditions such as epilepsy and anxiety have benefited from its use.

Though slow, cannabis research with regards to autism is making steady strides. The latest developments are coming from Israel, where scientists are currently conducting a double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial on children seeking to find the effects of CBD on autism alongside anecdotal contributors. The study is led by Dr. Adi Eran and it involves 120 autistic subjects ranging between 4-30 years of age. The subjects are being given cannabis oil without any intoxicating substances but rich in cannabidiol (CBD). This is the first quality investigation on how CBD affects autism, and patients, caregivers and the scientific communities are all waiting with bated breath to find out the results.

CBD can be consumed in a variety of ways (vape products, gummies, etc) but CBD oil is by far the most popular and widely-used form.

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